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Founded by NIJKERK HOLDING in 1989 in Amsterdam, NCS SYSTEMS has business operations in the BeNeLux region and France.

For over 30 years, our business has been continuously evolving. The NCS group has always adapted to the market, moving forward while respecting our clients and partner suppliers.

Let's see the future together!

The management team has been working together with a clear and ambitious strategy for future growth. We are integrators and distributors of industrial and rugged computer systems for over 30 years.

We assist our clients in conducting projects in industrial computing for the most demanding markets such as Defence, Aerospace, Transportation, Industry, Medical, etc.

NCS SYSTEMS, a subsidiary of the holding "GROUP NCS" is recognised for its high-value offering, particularly through the co-design of industrial computing solutions, strengthening the relationship with our clients.

A constantly evolving and profitable company

We have two production sites in France and Belgium, and now integrate over 5000 industrial PCs per year and approximately 150 equipped cabinets on our sites.

Integration of Industrial Computer Systems is Our Core Business.

At NCS SYSTEMS, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions, including:

  • Industrial PCs, industrial displays, Panel PCs, and more.
  • Study and certification (UL, CE, Tempest, MIl-STD, EN50155 ...) of specific products according to the requirements of the specifications.
  • Manufacturing systems in small, medium, and large series.
  • Integration into racks for turnkey solutions.
  • Comprehensive services such as on-site installation, obsolescence tracking, maintenance, documentation, training, and personalised project management.

We specialise in essential applications and offer customised hardware solutions. With many years of experience, in-house professional tools, and close collaboration with renowned suppliers, we are able to provide the best services to our clients.

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Our know-how:


We have been experts in designing and integrating industrial computer systems for over 30 years. We maintain strong relationships with our partners, who are leaders in their fields, enabling us to offer you the most suitable solutions for your needs at the best prices. We have access to tomorrow's innovations as well as the roadmaps for all the products we offer (obsolescence controlled). A dedicated software team will support you in all your projects and in the deployment of your Windows and Linux operating systems.


We combine deep expertise with a personalised approach to design and integrate customised IT solutions that precisely meet our clients' needs. Thanks to our mastery of the latest technologies and our experience, we ensure the seamless integration of our products into existing infrastructures, thereby guaranteeing optimal performance.


NCS SYSTEMS' expertise in testing and certification ensures the compliance and reliability of our products. With our deep expertise and rigorous processes, we ensure superior quality solutions that meet the industry's strictest standards. Our team of project managers oversees laboratory certification, upon request from our clients, for solutions designed by us.


NCS SYSTEMS offers personalized project monitoring with obsolescence management, ensuring sustainability for up to 10 years. In direct contact with most leading manufacturers in their sector, NCS SYSTEMS benefits from roadmap updates, allowing anticipation of announced sustainability.


NCS SYSTEMS' expertise in traceability ensures transparent and efficient process management. Thanks to our expertise, we provide solutions enabling complete traceability of products throughout their lifecycle, ensuring optimal quality and reliability.


In "pre-study," NCS SYSTEMS is able to provide the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of the proposed solution. Our expertise in reliability at NCS SYSTEMS is demonstrated through our commitment to the quality and robustness of our solutions. Through rigorous processes and thorough testing, we ensure reliable and consistent performance of our products, thus guaranteeing the satisfaction and trust of our customers.


Customer satisfaction is at the heart of NCS SYSTEMS' approach, ensuring responsive service and support that reflects our commitment to our clients. We offer various on-site services and personalised support tailored to the specific requirements of each of our customers.


A dedicated service for Operating Systems (OS) ensures that we provide support and installation for all Microsoft and Linux OS platforms.

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