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NCS SYSTEMS is offering a wide range of industrial components for their IPC solutions.

At NCS SYSTEMS, we offer a wide range of essential computer components to meet the diverse needs of our customers in the most demanding industrial and embedded environments.

Memory: our memory solutions deliver reliable performance and storage capacity tailored to your specific applications. Whether for real-time data processing or storing critical data, we have memory options that meet your needs.

Storage: we provide a wide range of robust and durable storage solutions, including industrial SSDs, flash memory cards, and high-capacity storage devices. Our storage solutions ensure optimal reliability even in the most demanding environments.

Power Supply: our selection of power supplies ensures stable and secure electrical power for your industrial computer systems. With power options suitable for various applications, our power supplies are designed to ensure the proper operation of your equipment, even in challenging conditions.

PICMG & Motherboards: PICMG & motherboards are designed to offer maximum compatibility and scalability in industrial systems. Our PICMG & motherboards are robust, reliable, and compatible with a wide range of processors and peripherals, making them an ideal choice for demanding industrial applications.

Expansion Cards: we also offer a variety of expansion cards to extend the functionality of your industrial computer systems. Whether adding communication interfaces, additional I/O ports, or security features, our expansion cards are designed to meet your specific needs.

By using those industrial components NCS SYSTEMS is building complete systems which can be used in harsh environments. All 19", ShoeBox or embedded systems can be built based upon your request for standard and exended temperature range.

At NCS SYSTEMS, we take pride in offering high-quality computer components that ensure reliable performance and exceptional durability in the most demanding environments.

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We have a large selection of different memory modules going from DDR2 to the latest DDR5 modules, all available from standard range temperature to extended temperature and all in ECC or non-ECC format.

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Due to the wide range of different storage formats we can provide solutions for server, industrial and embedded systems. Each module can have a standard grade temperature range or even extended temp range. Modules can go from small capacity (8 Gbyte) up to 8 TByte or even more.

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A wide range of power supplies can be used in different market segments from military to transportation and even medical. Different form factors are available from PS/2, 1U/2U, redundant and DIN-Rail. Also a wide range of external power adapters are available.

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PICMG & Motherboard

NCS SYSTEMS provides a wide range of CPU boards for servers, industrial systems and small form factors systems. The solutions can go from low power ARM based CPU systems up to high-end servers based upon multi-core AMD and/or Intel XEON CPU's.

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NCS SYSTEMS provides a wide range of small form factor, low power CPU boards in a wide temperature range from -40°C opto +85°C. We have the capability to develop customised base boards or we can use COTS boards, depending on your specific needs.

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For all industrial and embedded systems we can provide a full range of extra I/O boards, going from high-end Nvidia GPU cards to small form factor add-on cards to have additional connectivity like PoE, extra LAN ports, CAN-BUS, digital I/O and/or extra serial ports.

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