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Our Partners

This section provides an overview of our partnerships, highlighting the fruitful relationships that strengthen our ability to provide innovative and quality computer solutions.

Our Values and Commitments to Our Partners

At NCS SYSTEMS, our relationship with our supplier partners is built on strong human values and a commitment to quality custom work. We firmly believe that mutual success stems from close collaboration, based on trust, respect, and transparency.

Mutual Trust and Respect: We consider our supplier partners as essential members of our team, and we nurture relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We value their skills, expertise, and contribution to the success of our common projects.

Open and Transparent Communication: At NCS SYSTEMS, we foster open and transparent communication with our supplier partners. We believe in the need to share relevant information and collaborate closely to achieve our common goals while respecting deadlines and requirements.

Long-Term Partnership: We aspire to establish long-term partnerships with our suppliers, based on trust, reliability, and ongoing collaboration. We are committed to investing in sustainable relationships that benefit all parties involved. We treat our suppliers the same way we treat our customers!

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What do they think about us?

Stéphane-Alexis VIVET
Defense Business Development Manager

"GETAC, a manufacturer of rugged PC and tablet solutions and one of the leaders in its market, relies on partners whose technical and commercial expertise ensures end customers receive exceptional solutions and service.

NCS SYSTEMS is a direct strategic partner for GETAC due to their technical expertise, knowledge of the sectors we target, and a strong business relationship. More than just a distributor, NCS SYSTEMS offers comprehensive solutions around our products as well as customization."

Stéphane CORNET
Partners Business Manager

"NCS SYSTEMS and NVIDIA have been working together since 2022. NCS SYSTEMS is currently one of our SIP partners in France (Solutions Integration Partner), which means that NCS SYSTEMS has the capacity to integrate all our GPU technologies, as well as our network solutions, into OEM servers, certified and qualified by NVIDIA, in order to best meet their customers' requirements.

The aim of this partnership is to provide the greatest possible expertise to NCS teams in order to support their industrial customers in the implementation of new use cases in the fields of artificial intelligence, computer vision, 3D, augmented reality and many others."

Debbie Chiu
Business Manager

"NCS SYSTEMS, a reliable distributor, takes great pleasure in expressing our support for Winmate's impressive product line, renowned for its exceptional durability, advanced features, and user-friendly interfaces.

Winmate's dedication to providing dependable and robust computing solutions is truly commendable."

Pierre-François Casta
Country Manager

"Over the years we have built up a strong partnership with NCS SYSTEMS, to whom we offer our storage products.

Over the years, we have strengthened our collaboration with their technical team in order to address increasingly complex needs in a wide range of sectors: aeronautics, defence, transport, medical and industry."

Tino Wen
Business Manager

“Working with Nijkerk/NCS SYSTEMS for years exemplifies the feeling of working with a true expert.

Not only is Nijkerk/NCS SYSTEMS available for a wide range of product portfolio, but the company also has abundant knowledge and connections in different vertical markets, from aerospace, defense and security, transportation to medical applications.”

Yuting LIN
Business Manager

"As the global top 3 manufacturer in IPC, we aim to provide high quality product with great service support to our partner. To maintain that high quality and service is to have the partner which have the same concept.

Working together with NCS SYSTEMS with their depth technical knowledge and integration capability, we believe NCS SYSTEMS could provide the well-rounded support to the client by leveraging our complete product line."


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