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Transport : reliable connectivity and efficient system management

Drawing on our experience of over 30 years in the transportation sector, we offer a broad range of enduring industrial computing solutions certified to standards such as EN50155, IEC60945, E-MARK, and more.

At NCS SYSTEMS, we specialize in designing industrial computing solutions tailored to the unique requirements of the railway, maritime, and automotive sectors. With our deep expertise and commitment to innovation, we offer custom solutions that ensure safety, reliability, and performance in rigorous and demanding environments. You can rely on our knowledge and experience to provide you with the industrial PC that meets your needs and, if necessary, to carry out integration into a 19'' rack or electrical cabinet.

Whatever your display solution needs, compact fanless servers, rugged tablets & laptops, or powerful computers, we can offer you reliable products tailored to your requirements.

For the railway sector, we design embedded systems and robust screens that meet the strictest standards for safety and resistance to shocks and vibrations. Our solutions ensure reliable connectivity and efficient data management, thereby contributing to the smooth operation of railway operations.

In the maritime domain, our solutions are designed to withstand the most extreme maritime conditions, with protection against corrosion, humidity, and fluctuating temperatures. Our waterproof screens and computer systems are perfectly suited for maritime applications, whether for pleasure craft, transport vessels, or offshore platforms.

For vehicles, we offer embedded solutions that ensure secure connectivity, efficient data management, and an optimal user experience. Our rugged screens, embedded control systems, and monitoring solutions deliver reliable performance and exceptional durability, even in the most demanding road conditions.

At NCS SYSTEMS, we are committed to providing cutting-edge industrial computing solutions that meet the specific needs of each sector. Whether it's for railways, marine, or vehicles, we are your trusted partner for reliable and innovative solutions. Contact us today to discover how we can meet your unique needs.

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